Frequently Asked Questions

Is PCSgrades affiliated with the DoD?

PCSgrades is a private company founded by veterans and run primarily by veterans and spouses (About Us). We are not affiliated with the DoD in any way, but are working with our community to provide a voice for the military families.

How does the rebate program work?

All of the REALTORS and builders with profiles on PCSgrades have agreed to be reviewed AND provide industry-leading rebates to military families coming to them through PCSgrades. In order to receive a rebate, you MUST go to the vendors profile on PCSgrades.com BEFORE reaching out to them via other means, and click on the big red “Refer Me to..” button on their profile. This allows you to communicate directly with the REALTOR and for us to be able to claim the referral fee used to fund your rebate.

I put in a review, but am not seeing that vendor’s profile on the site. Why?

For any vendor’s profile to be displayed on our site, the individual or company reviewed must agree to be rated and reviewed on our site. If they do not agree, we will not show their reviews or grades, regardless of how good or bad the grades are. Vendors may decline for a number of reasons, to include having negative grades, are no longer in business, or are not interested in providing rebates for military families. You may see a profile for this vendor with the words “Declined to Participate in PCSgrades” message.

Why do you ask for rank in the verification process?

We ask for rank of the service member as part of our proprietary verification process, in order to assure military affiliation. For all spouses, we will not display the service member’s rank with any of your reviews, but rather the branch of service and number of times you’ve PCS'd or relocated.

I noticed there were no profiles or reviews in the area I selected. How does the concierge service work?

We’re still growing and working on growing our database. We’d sure like your reviews, so that we can share information with our fellow military families. If you need help in a specific location where there are no reviews or profiles, we’re happy to reach out to our network of military families and professionals to find you the information or professional to help you out, FREE OF CHARGE! Just e-mail us at [email protected] and we’ll start working on it ASAP!

Do you share my information with any third parties?

NO! PCSgrades does not share your information with any third party, nor do we collect any personally identifiable information (PII). All information collected from you is used to verify military affiliation, and for internal data collection purposes on only. Any information used in the reviews can be used by PCSgrades, but you will remain anonymous.

Are there states that do NOT allow rebates for the purchase or sale of my home?

Yes, unfortunately. Alaska, Alabama, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Tennessee do not allow rebates of any kind to consumers. Iowa prohibits rebates when more than one broker assists a client to buy or sell a property, and New Jersey prohibits rebates to sellers (but not buyers).

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